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New South Wales Legislative Council Practice

2nd edition





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The second edition of New South Wales Legislative Council Practice has been comprehensively updated. It charts the history, procedures and practices of the New South Wales Legislative Council – the Upper House of the Parliament of New South Wales and the oldest legislative body in Australia.

The Legislative Council has continued to be one of the most dynamic and at times assertive Upper Houses in Australia. Of note, the House has continued to explore in new and varied ways its power to order the production of State papers; it has continued to expand the remit and activity of its active committee system, and it has further enhanced its procedures for scrutinising legislation. Following the March 2019 State election, the Legislative Council also adopted significant new procedures on sitting days for holding the government to account. All of these developments are explored in the second edition.

The new edition also incorporates significant revisions to the text in relation to various topics such as parliamentary privilege in New South Wales, the powers of the Legislative Council in relation to money bills, and relations between the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly, the Lower House of the Parliament of New South Wales.

The second edition of New South Wales Legislative Council Practice is an essential reference book for parliamentary practitioners and those interested in the study of parliament and politics in New South Wales.

1. The New South Wales system of government
2. The history of the Legislative Council
3. Parliamentary privilege in New South Wales
4. Elections for the Legislative Council
5. Members
6. Office holders and administration of the Legislative Council
7. Parties, the Government and the Legislative Council
8. The basis of Legislative Council procedure
9. Meetings of the Legislative Council
10. The conduct of proceedings
11. Publication of and access to the proceedings of the Legislative Council
12. Motions and decisions of the House
14. Questions
15. Legislation
16. Committee of the whole House
17. Financial legislation
18. Delegated legislation
19. Documents tabled in the Legislative Council
20. Committees
21. Witnesses
22. Relations with the Legislative Assembly
23. Relations with the judiciary
24. Casual vacancies in the Australian Senate
25. The Parliament buildings and the Legislative Council chamber

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