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We care deeply about the books we publish and pride ourselves on the enduring relationships we form with our authors. We encourage first-time authors to publish with us. The Holt Prize, a biannual award established by The Federation Press, recognises and supports new authors.

Our authors on publishing with us

“I should pay a tribute to The Federation Press for their foresight and courage in publishing a wide range of legal publications which have enriched Australian law … In my earlier days in the law, we survived on the thin gruel of English textbooks. Since then, there has been a revolution in Australian publications led by The Federation Press …” Sir Anthony Mason

“As one of the original authors of Criminal Laws I have been a member of the Federation family since the outset … I would encourage any new author … not to be seduced by suggestions that it is somehow more prestigious to be published by the bigger legal publishers. Federation Press has an established reputation for producing both texts and monographs which are both innovative and of very high quality.”  Emeritus Professor David Farrier, Law Faculty, University of Wollongong

“Publishing with Federation Press has always been a wonderful experience. They know their market so your work is in good hands, but they also are committed to developing relationships with their authors.” Professor Larissa Behrendt, Director of Research at Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning, UTS

Our editors

We produce all our books locally and our editors are in-house. This allows for a direct relationship between author and editor and ensures quality and efficiency.

Submitting a book proposal

The Federation Press welcomes the submission of book proposals in the fields in which we publish, particularly in the areas of law and related disciplines.

What to include in your proposal:

  • The rationale for your book (approximately 100 words)
  • The proposed length of your book (including footnotes) and its current status (completed/ writing not yet begun).
  • Draft chapter outline with abstracts (50 words) and word length for each chapter.
  •  Summary of the experience and background which qualifies you to write the manuscript (approximately 100 words).
  • The subject category (or categories) appropriate to your proposal.
  • The competitive advantage your book would have over its rivals.
  • The intended readership.

Please send your proposal to  

What happens after I submit a proposal?

We acknowledge receipt of proposals within two weeks and we will try to reach a decision within one to three months.

Resources for existing authors