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Changing Policing Theories for 21st Century Societies eBook

3rd edition






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Changing Policing Theories is a thoroughly revised third edition of this comparative study of the practice of policing in Australia, Britain and the United States of America.

The book covers:
• the impact on policing of constitutional and cultural difference;
• society and crime in the 21st century
– crime and disorder on the streets,
– problems involved in street policing,
– the effect of new technology, for example CCTV, and
– the pervasive involvement of drugs and alcohol in crime;
• police accountability
– the accountability of police organisations to the government,
– the accountability of senior officers to the public, and
– the accountability of individual police officers to the persons
with whom they come into contact;
• the changing relationship between police and the state
– policing terrorism, and
– internet crime.

Part 1
The Social and Historical Contexts of Policing

1 The Triangle of Tension
2 The History of Policing
3 Crime – A Police Problem or a Social Problem?
4 Policing Responses to Social Change – 1960s to 1990s
Part 2
Society and Crime in the 21st Century

5 Society and Crime in the 21st Century
6 Current Police Responses to Crime and Disorder
7 Problems of Policing the Streets
8 Ethics, Discipline and the Behaviour of Individual
Police Officers
Part 3

9 Control, Independence and Accountability in Policing
10 Police Accountability in Australia
11 Police Accountability in Britain
12 Police Accountability in the United States
Part 4
Policing in the 21st Century

13 Policing and the State
14 Changes in Crime in a Changing World
15 Towards the Bicentenary of Policing

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