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Terese Henning is the former Director of the Tasmania Law Reform Institute and an Adjunct Associate Professor in Law at the University of Tasmania. Her areas of expertise include Evidence Law, Criminal Procedure and Criminology. Her research focuses on Evidence, particularly vulnerable witnesses, Criminal Procedure and Human Rights through the lens of law reform. She has written widely in these areas. In 2018 she co-conducted the Tasmania Law Reform Institute reference on Facilitating Equal Access to Justice for people with communication needs which investigated whether an Intermediary/Communication Assistant Scheme should be introduced in Tasmania. She co-authored the Issues Paper and Final Report for this reference. She has several other publications and has delivered keynote addresses on this matter. She also gave expert evidence to the Royal Commission on Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse on this area. In 2006 she conducted the consultation for the Tasmania Law Reform Institute at the request of the Tasmanian Government on a Charter of Human Rights for Tasmania and wrote the Issues Paper for the consultation and the Final Report for the Government. She has co-authored numerous Issues Papers and Final Reports on a range of law reform projects for the Tasmania Law Reform Institute.

Her other books include: Gans J, Hunter J, Henning T and Warner K (2011) Criminal Process and Human Rights, Federation Press; Hunter JB, Cameron C & Henning T (2005) Litigation I: Civil Process, 7th edition, Australia, LexisNexis; Hunter JB, Cameron C & Henning T (2005) Litigation II: Evidence & Criminal Process, 7th edition, Australia, LexisNexis. Please view a select list of Terese’s other published work.

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