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Jill Hunter is a Professor of Law at the University of New South Wales. As well as writing on the law of evidence and procedure, her publications examine the impact of the law on those who participate in criminal trials, drawing on psychological and historical research. Her most recent research explores issues relating to juries and judicial officers. Jill is a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Evidence and Proof. In addition to journal articles and book chapters, she has published the following books: JB Hunter, SMN Young, P Roberts and D Dixon (eds), The Integrity of Criminal Process: From Theory Into Practice (Bloomsbury Publishing, UK, 2016); P Roberts and JB Hunter (eds), Criminal Evidence and Human Rights: Reimagining Common Law Procedural Traditions (Hart Publishing, UK, 2012); J Gans, JB Hunter, T Henning and K Warner, Criminal Process and Human Rights (Federation Press, Australia, 2011); J Anderson, JB Hunter and N Williams SC, The New Evidence Law (LexisNexis, Australia, 2002); JB Hunter, C Cameron and T Henning, Litigation I: Civil Process (LexisNexis, Australia, 7th ed, 2005); and JB Hunter, C Cameron and T Henning, Litigation II: Evidence & Criminal Process (LexisNexis, Australia, 7th ed, 2005); and two previous editions with MI Aronson (6th ed, 1998), (5th ed, 1994), and with MI Aronson and M Weinberg (4th ed, 1988); JB Hunter and K Cronin, Evidence, Advocacy and Ethical Practice: A Criminal Trial Commentary (Butterworths, Australia, 1995). Please view a select list of Jill’s other published work.

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