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The Laskin Legacy

Essays in commemoration of Chief Justice Bora Laskin



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This book is a collection of seventeen scholarly articles and personal reminiscences that examine the life and career of the late Bora Laskin, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada. The essays are written by family members, judges, law professors, and lawyers whose recollections about Laskin flesh out the life of a man “at the summit of Canada’s political and legal life,” with commentary from some whose paths crossed his.

The book includes examinations of Laskin’s contribution to legal education and scholarship, as well as to jurisprudence in constitutional law, administrative and labour law, and private law. As well, it provides discussion of Laskin’s impact on the Supreme Court of Canada itself.

Constance Backhouse

Part 1: Personal philosophy

Some memories of my father
John I Laskin
Comments on my dad
Barbara Laskin

Part 2: Educator

Laskin and the university
Martin Friedland
Laskin and the university crisis of 1949
Horace Krever

Part 3: Impact on the supreme court of canada

Laskin’s legacy to the supreme court
Ian Binnie
Laskin’s impact on the supreme court
Peter W Hogg
Memories of Laskin at the court
Sheridan Scott

Part 4: Substantive contributions to law

Laskin’s legacy to national unity and patriation
R Roy McMurtry
Laskin’s legacy to law
J J Michel Robert

Part 5: Administrative and labour law

Chief Justice Laskin’s approach to administrative law
Stephen T Goudge
Laskin’s contribution to labour law
Chris G Paliare

Part 6: Constitutional law, federalism, and individual rights

Laskin and the constitutional protection of rights and freedoms
Robert J Sharpe

Part 7: Contract, tort, and fiduciary obligations

The Laskin legacy in private law: The judge as custodian of the common law
John D McCamus
Laskin and fiduciary duties
Kathryn N Feldman

Part 8: Laskin in dissent

Chief Justice Bora Laskin: the great dissenter
Neil Finkelstein

Part 9: Reassessment: the next generation

Bora Laskin: Lifting the legacy from the legend
Ellen Snow