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Managing Intelligence

The Art of Influence





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Managing Intelligence: The Art of Influence provides the theoretical foundation and practical guidance for managers to develop and implement business intelligence programs, and to integrate them into an organisation in a coherent and functional way. It encompasses a series of programs to detect, analyse and report on threats and risks in the broader environment.

It also outlines the constellation of management issues that are specific to the intelligence profession. Key topics include the capability, models, people and processes required to support those in the business of making tactical, operational and strategic decisions. These transform intelligence into value.

Managing Intelligence: The Art of Influence is written for intelligence practitioners and managers operating in the private and regulatory sectors as well as in law enforcement and national security.

Part 1 – Introduction

Intelligence Concepts
Distinctive Considerations of Intelligence Management
Intelligence Models
The Art of Influence

Part 2 – Managing Intelligence Products and Programs

Managing Intelligence Products
Strategic Level Intelligence Programs
Operational Level Intelligence Programs
Tactical Level Production

Part 3 – Managing Risk, Collection, Performance and Information Systems

Understanding Risk
Managing Requirements
Managing Collection
Measuring Performance and Outcomes
Information Systems

Part 4 – Managing Intelligence People

Managers and Analysts: A Field Guide
Managing Intelligence Analysts
Managing the Intelligence Function

Part 5 – Conclusion


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