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Australian Public Health Law eBook

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This book identifies the scope of Australian public health law and charts a course for its future evolution.

In 26 chapters, written by leading scholars, this innovative collection analyses the role of law in supporting health and safety for the community. It considers the historical, constitutional and global foundations of public health law, as well as the role of consumer protection law in protecting public health.

Chapters explore the intersections between public health law, rights and ethics, analysing the role of human rights law for Indigenous health equity, access to medicines, public health dimensions of mental health law, and genomics and public health law.

The book analyses the legal and regulatory frameworks for infectious diseases control, the role of law in preparing for and responding to pandemics, vaccination laws, and the regulation of sex work. Increasingly, public health law has an important role in addressing non-communicable diseases and chapters analyse the regulation of alcohol, food, tobacco, and illicit drugs.

The expanding scope of contemporary public health law is also illustrated through consideration of public health aspects of workplace health and safety law, environmental law, natural disasters, the relevance of coronial investigations for developments in public health law, and the rights and needs of specific groups, including children and older persons.


Part A The Scope of Public Health Law
1. The Evolving Scope of Public Health Law
Belinda Bennett and Ian Freckelton
2. The Global Dimensions of Public Health Law
Belinda Bennett
3. Inheritance, Tradition and Reform: The Evolution of Australian Public Health Law
Gabrielle Wolf
4. Constitutional Issues Arising from Restrictions on Freedom of Movement During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency
Peta Stephenson
5. Law’s Role in Strengthening Public Health in Australia: Ideologies and Strategies for a Healthier Society
Roger Magnusson
6. Consumer Protection against False and Misleading Promotion of Health Services
Ian Freckelton

Part B Public Health Law, Rights and Ethics
7. Limiting Rights and Freedoms in the Name of Public Health: Ensuring Accountability during the COVID-19 Pandemic Response
Lorraine Finlay and Rosalind Croucher
8. Just the Three of Us: Public Health, Public Health Ethics and Public Health Law
Cameron Stewart, Roger Magnusson and Ian Kerridge
9. More than Black Printed Words on White Paper: Intergenerational Health Justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
Sandra Creamer AM, Maree Toombs, Avelina Tarrago, Renee Williams, Jed Fraser, Caitlin Curtis and Claire E Brolan
10. Australia’s Framework for Access to Essential Medicines: Patent Law, Public Health and Pandemics
Matthew Rimmer
11. Mental Health and Public Health Law
Penelope Weller and Ian Freckelton
12. Genomics and Public Health
Margaret Otlowski and Dianne Nicol

Part C Communicable Diseases
13. Infectious Disease Governance in Australia and the Problem of Complex Systems
Cameron Stewart and Ian Kerridge
14. Public Health and Sex Work
John Scott
15. Preparing for and Responding to Pandemics: The Role of Public Health Law
Belinda Bennett
16. Australian Vaccination Laws
Gabrielle Wolf and Ian Freckelton

Part D Non-Communicable Diseases
17. Alcohol and Public Health Law in Australia
Paula O’Brien
18. The Tobacco Endgame Avengers: Strategies for a Smoke-free Future in Australia
Matthew Rimmer
19. What’s on Your Plate? Food Systems, Law and Public Health
Belinda Reeve
20. Illicit Drugs
Kate Seear

Part E Public Health Law in Society
21. Public Health and Workplace Regulation: Intersections and Influences
Joellen Riley Munton
22. Environmental Law and Public Health Law
Lee Godden
23. Public Health Law, Aged Care and Human Rights
Carmelle Peisah, Andrew Byrnes, William Mitchell and Anneliese Bergman
24. Contemporary Australian Legal Dimensions of Public Health for Children at Risk: COVID-19 and Beyond
Ben Mathews and Jesse Jones
25. Natural Disasters, Sustainability and Public Health Law
Belinda Bennett, Claire E Brolan and Vivienne Tippett
26. Coroners’ Death Investigations: Prevention and Public Health
Lyndal Bugeja, Ian Freckelton and David Ranson

The issues covered in this text are both current and topical. Indeed, it is Government responses and intervention in these areas that appear to be the hot-button issues. This text offers interesting and often thought-provoking insights into these areas, proffered by individuals well-versed in the field. The book is not a technical guide for the law on public health. However, it reflects informed views on topical issues and is a recommended read to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge and views about these areas – more than the perhaps surface level discussions which permeate through the news and social media. Read full review…

L Gamble of Counsel, Queensland Law Reporter [2023] 24 QLR

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