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Gay and Lesbian Law Journal

Edited by Gail Mason, Wayne Morgan and Andrew N Sharpe


This journal is no longer published. However, you can purchase the entire set of available back issues, ie Volumes 3-10 (Vols 1 & 2 are out of print).

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Volume 10 (2002)
Volume 9 (2000)
Volume 8 (1999)
Volume 7 (1997)
Volume 6 (1997)
Volume 5 (1995)
Volume 4 (1994)
Volume 3 (1993)
Volume 2 (1993)
Volume 1 (1993)

Volume 10 (2002) - May 2002

In the Shadow of Homosexual Anxiety: Transgender Law Reform in Western Australia
     Andrew N Sharpe
Hate Crimes and Masculine Offending
     Stephen Tomsen
The Harms of Gay Male Pornography: A Sex Equality Perspective Post Little Sisters Book and Art Emporium
     Christopher N Kendall
Will I Receive Your Death Benefit? It All Depends …
     Craig Delphine
BOOK REVIEW: Multicultural Queer: Australian Narratives
     Wayne Morgan

Volume 9 (2000) - March 2000

The Property (Relationships) Legislation Amendment Act 1999 (NSW) versus the De Facto Relationships Amendment Bill 1998 (NSW)
     Jenni Millbank
How Can We Square Freedom with Anti-Vilification Laws?
     David Marr
Achieving an Equilibrium
     Chris Puplick
CASE COMMENT: "South Africa: Constitutional Protection for Homosexuals" - A Brave Initiative, but is it Working?
     Paula Gerber
Capitalism, Gay Identity and International Human Rights Law
     Kristen L Walker
BOOK REVIEW: Sexuality, Morals & Justice: A Theory of Lesbian & Gay Rights
     Anita Stuhmke

Volume 8 (1999) - June 1999

The De Facto Relationships Amendment Bill 1998 (NSW)
Jenni Millbank
Sexualities and Solidarities: Some Thoughts on Coalitional Strategies in the Context of International Law
Dianne Otto
Queering Family Law
Graeme W Austin
Superannuation, Discrimination and Same Sex Couples
Elsa Gilchrist
BOOK REVIEWS: Sexual Orientation and Canadian Law, and Lesbians, Gay Men and Canadian Law
David Fraser

Volume 7 (1997) - October 1997

The Transsexual and Marriage: Law's Contradictory Desires
Andrew Neville Sharpe
Lesbian Access to In Vitro Fertilisation
Anita Stuhmcke
Boundaries of Sexuality: Lesbian Experience and Feminist Discourse on Violence Against Women
Gail Mason
Legislative Note: Federal Industrial Relations Law and Sexuality
Anna Chapman
BOOK REVIEW: International Human Rights and the Law Regarding Sexual Orientation
Sam Garkawe

Volume 6 (1997) - March 1997

Homosexual Law Reform: The Road of Enlightenment
Justice Michael Kirby
The Changing Concept of Family: The Significance of Recognition and Protection
Justice Alastair Nicholson
The Legal Recognition of Relationships between Couples of the Same Sex: A New Zealand Perspective
Anita Jowitt
Sexuality in Our Society: Rape and Sexual Intimacy
Jenny Gentles
The Dismembered Body Case: Gay Panic Defence in a Civil Law Legal System
Joseph Carmel Chetcuti

Volume 5 (1995) - July 1995

Queer Law: Identity, Culture, Diversity, Law
Wayne Morgan
Prohibitions and Promotions: A Comparative Analysis of Legal Interventions
Carl F Stychin
A Legal Remedy for Sexual Injustice
Jenny Gentles
Child Sexuality and Age of Consent Laws: The Netherlands Model
Beatrice Faust
CASE NOTE: The Works' Outing: The New Zealand workplace harassment case of L v M Ltd
Blair Stewart
BOOK REVIEW: Out Law: A Legal Guide for Lesbians and Gay Men in New Zealand
James Allan

Volume 4 (1994) - July 1994

Volume 3 (1993) - October 1993

Volume 2 (1993) - August 1993

Out of print - no longer available.

Volume 1 (1993) - August 1993

Out of print - no longer available.


Review of Volume 10:
Recently I reviewed volume 9 and noted that its highlights were the quality of the writing and the breadth of topics covered. This edition enjoys similar strengths.
Where the preceding edition contained more practical articles, the papers collected here are more theoretical and couched in academic discourse. For example Kendall’s piece on the Canadian Supreme Court’s consideration of gay pornography is profoundly enlightening. … In providing a breakdown of the decision and in his dissection of the submissions of the parties, he has provided an instructive overview of identity, politics and constructions of masculinity within the queer world and addressed how law deals with such issues.
The construction of identity is also addressed by Sharpe, this time through the rubric of transgenderism and gender dysphoria. Sharpe uses this issue to demonstrate that when the law comes to reform an area which tangentially touches on an area which may have implications for the gay and lesbian communities, it fails to achieve all it might because of “homosexual anxiety”. …
The journal continues to expand the range of issues it covers … it remains a vital forum for other voice jurisprudence, nationally and globally.

Paul Loftus, London University, Law Society Journal (NSW), Vol 41(2), March 2003

Review of Volume 9:
The immediate importance [of this journal] to the queer community is shown in a review of the articles in this volume [9]. Prime amongst them is the debate between David Marr, and Chris Puplick over the efficacy and appropriateness of anti-vilification legislation. Marr, a long-time opponent of censorship and government regulation of speech, gives a passionate series of arguments against the curtailment of speech while Puplick defends the legislation. The papers are of an exceptional standard in their form and accessibility to the lay reader. … It is fascinating and challenging reading.
The Journal also acts as a source of important information on legal developments for the practitioner. Jenni Millbank’s piece [on new NSW legislation] will be useful to any solicitor in negotiating same sex property arrangements. Gerber’s and Walker’s pieces on the South African Constitution and gay identity in international human rights provide a useful global counterpoint to domestic issues.

Paul Loftus, King’s College London, Law Society Journal (NSW), June 2002


Published May 2002
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 14469324
Australian RRP $250.00
International Price $250.00
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