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Australian Journal of Asian Law

Australian Journal of Asian Law

Edited by Richard Cullen, M B Hooker, Tim Lindsey, Veronica Taylor and Amanda Whiting


The Australian Journal of Asian Law is a forum for debate for scholars and professionals concerned with the laws and legal cultures of Asia. It publishes two issues every year and aims for recognition as a leading medium for scholarly and professional discourse in a region characterised by rapid growth and social change.

The Australian Journal of Asian Law is a joint initiative of the members of the Asian Law Centre at the University of Melbourne and the Law Faculty of the Australian National University, with support and advice from Australian and international colleagues.

From foundation to Volume 12 was published in hard copy by The Federation Press. From edition 13(1), the journal will no longer be available in hardcopy. Instead, the Australian Journal of Asian Law will be freely available in electronic form via the SSRN website. This important change will enhance the quality, availability and accessibility of the journal.

Accessing the Journal
From 2012, back issue print and electronic copies of the journal (volumes 1 to 12) will be available for sale from The Federation Press, from this website. Note: Electronic access is currently being provided under licence by third parties. Services include:

  • EBSCO Host databases (vol 1 - current)
  • Informit eLibrary (vol 3 - current)
  • Informit Plus Text (vols 1-8)
  • ProQuest

Access to the Australian Journal of Asian Law from volume 13 onwards is free. To subscribe:

  • Access the SSRN webpage
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Contact the Journal
Correspondence and contributions should be sent to:
The Editors (C/-Ms Helen Pausacker)
The Australian Journal of Asian Law
Asian Law Centre
Melbourne Law School
The University of Melbourne VIC 3010
Telephone: +61 3 8344 6847
Fax: + 61 3 8344 4546


Volume 12 No 2 (2010)
Volume 12 No 1 (2010)
Volume 11 No 2 (2009)
Volume 11 No 1 (2009)
Volume 10 No 2 (2008)
Volume 10 No 1 (2008)
Volume 9 No 2 (2007)
Volume 9 No 1 (2007)
Volume 8 No 3 (2006)
Volume 8 No 2 (2006)
Volume 8 No 1 (2006)
Volume 7 No 3 (2005)
Volume 7 No 2 (2005)
Volume 7 No 1 (2005)
Volume 6 No 3 (2005)
Volume 6 No 2 (2004)
Volume 6 No 1 (2004)
Volume 5 No 3 (2003)
Volume 5 No 2 (2003)
Volume 5 No 1 (2003)
Volume 4 No 3 (2002)
Volume 4 No 2 (2002)
Volume 4 No 1 (2002)
Volume 3 No 3 (2001)
Volume 3 No 2 (2001)
Volume 3 No 1 (2001)
Volume 2 No 2 (2000)
Volume 2 No 1 (2000)
Volume 1 No 2 (1999)
Volume 1 No 1 (1999)

Volume 12 No 2 (2010) - 17 November 2011

China’s Legal Reponses to the Global Financial Crisis: From Domestic Reform to International Engagement
     Hui Huang
The Enforcement of China’s Anti-Monopoly Law Against Administrative Monopolies
     Stephanie Wang
Provident Funds in Bangladesh: A Legal Framework for Developing Countries
     Md Shamim Alam
Re-reading the Chatterley Decision: An Analysis of Japanese Obscenity Decisions from 1889 to 1957
     Yuri Obata
Empirical Support for Redefining the Legal Profession and New Roles for Lawyers in Japanese Corporations
     Kota Fukui and Yusuke Fukui
REVIEW ESSAY: Law in Japan: A Turning Point
     Trevor Ryan
REVIEW: The Supreme Court and Benign Elite Democracy in Japan
     Stacey Steele
REVIEW: Chinese Investment Treaties Policies and Practice
     Andrew Godwin
REVIEW: Chinese Immigration Law
     Mary Crock

Volume 12 No 1 (2010) - 28 April 2011

Discipline-Flourishing Constitutional Review: A Legal and Political Analysis of Myanmar’s New Constitutional Tribunal
     Dominic Nardi
Emergence of the Right to Live in Peace in Japan
     Hudson Hamilton
Scandalising the Singapore Judiciary
     Tsun Hang Tey
Statements of the Chinese Government before Human Rights Treaty Bodies: Doctrine and Practice of Treaty Implementation
     Björn Ahl
The Other Roles of Law: Signalling, Self-commitment and Coordination
     Guanghua Yu
REVIEW: Environmental Dispute Resolution in Indonesia
     Sarah Waddell
REVIEW: China’s New Enterprise Bankruptcy Law
     Andrew Godwin
REVIEW: Legal Education in Asia: Globalisation, Change and Context
     Gary F Bell

Volume 11 No 2 (2009) - 8 October 2010

Access to Justice? Forced Evictions in Cambodia
     Suzanne Chinnery
Sharia By-Laws in Indonesia: A Legal and Political Analysis
     Nicholas Parsons and Marcus Mietzner
Challenges and Strategies for Liberalising Vietnam’s Airline Industry
     Alan Khee-Jin Tan
Reconciling Family Paternalism and Autonomy in Taiwan’s Health Information Law
     Chung-Lin Chen
Courage Under Fire: The First Five Years of the Indonesian Judicial Commission
     Nicola Colbran
Asian Law in Translation: Translator’s Note on the Indonesian Corruption Court Law
     Simon Butt
Law No 46 of 2009 on the Corruption Court
     Simon Butt
REVIEW: Modernisation, Tradition and Identity: The Kompilasi Hukum Islam and Legal Practice in the Indonesian Religious Courts
     Prof Jan Michiel Otto and Stijn Cornelis van Huis
REVIEW: Japanese Law
     Luke Nottage

Volume 11 No 1 (2009) - 9 March 2010

Thailand’s Troubled South: Examining the Case for Devolution from a Comparative Perspective
     Peter Leyland
Constructing Secularism: Separating ‘Religion’ and ‘State’ under the Indian Constitution
     M Mohsin Alam
Treaties on Trade and Investment and the Indian Legal Regime: Should We Mind the Gap?
     Prabhash Ranjan
Adaptive Efficiency and Economic Development in China: The Definition and Enforcement of Property Rights
     Guanghua Yu
Strategies for Host-country Regulation of Hedge Funds: Lessons from India’s Approach
     Umakanth Varottil
ASIAN LAW IN TRANSLATION: Translator’s Note on Aceh Qanun 3/2008
     Melissa Crouch
ASIAN LAW IN TRANSLATION: Qanun of Aceh Number 3 Year 2008 on Local Political Parties
     Melissa Crouch (trans)
REVIEW: The China Legal Development Yearbook Volume 2
     Randall Peerenboom
REVIEW: Law for Foreign Business and Investment in China
     Andrew Godwin

Volume 10 No 2 (2008) - 14 September 2009

Parties and Decision-making in the Indonesian Parliament: A Case Study of RUU APP, the Anti-Pornography Bill
     Stephen Sherlock
Is Burmese Law Burmese? John Jardine, Em Forchhammer and Legal Orientalism
     Andrew Huxley
Inducing a Constructive Press in Singapore: Responsibility over Freedom
     Tey Tsun Hang
The Ties that Bind: Law, Islamisation and Indonesia’s Prosperous Justice Party (PKS)
     Najwa Shihab and Yanuar Nugroho
The Newly Introduced Criminal Jury Trial in Korea: A Historic Step Toward 'Criminal Justice by the People'
     Kuk Cho
Increasing Press Freedom in Indonesia: The Abolition of the Lèse Majesté and ‘Hate-sowing’ Provisions
     Naomita Royan
REVIEW: Chinese Law: Context and Transformation
     Sarah Biddulph

Volume 10 No 1 (2008) - 9 December 2008

Local Government, Democratic Participation and the Urban Environment in Peninsular Malaysia
     Andrew Harding
Beyond a Clash of Cultures: Schapelle Corby's "My Story" and Comparable High Profile Criminal Trials
     Katharine E McGregor and C R Pennell
Prospects for Procedural Justice in Reforms to Public Order Regulations in China
     Sarah Biddulph
The Civil Consequences for Breach of the Prohibition against the Giving of Financial Assistance: The Malaysian Approach
     Chan Wai Meng and Sujata Balan
Determination of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights by the Indonesian Constitutional Court
     Philippa Venning
The Development of Workers' Compensation in China: Emerging International and Internal Challenges
     Robert Guthrie

Volume 9 No 2 (2007) - August 2008

The 2005 South Asian Earthquake: Natural Calamity or Failure of State? State Liability and Remedies for Victims of Defective Construction in Pakistan
     Maryam Khan and Osama Siddique
Brunei’s Revamped Constitution: The Sultan as the Grundnorm?
     Tsun Hang Tey
The Next Reform: The State of Contractual Freedom in China
     Stephen D Dunn
The Malaysian Constitution after 50 Years – Retrospective, Prospective and Comparative Perspectives
     HP Lee
The PRC Property Rights Law 2007: A Foundation for Further Economic Reform?
     Sarah Biddulph and Andrew Godwin
     Timothy Webster (trans)

Volume 9 No 1 (2007) - September 2007

Of Prosecutions and Amnesties: Does Fiji’s Experience Suggest a Reconsideration?
     Venkat Iyer
The Norms and Incentive Structures of Relational Contracting in Vietnam – Two Surveys
     Quan H Nguyen
Awards of Damages under the Singapore Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act
     Wee Ling Loo and Erin Goh-Low Soen Yin
Minority Shareholder Protection in China’s Top 100 Listed Companies
     Roman Tomasic and Neil Andrews
Harmony as Ideology, Culture, and Control: Alternative Dispute Resolution in Singapore
     Eugene KB Tan
Challenges in Improving Access to Asian Laws: the Asian Legal Information Institute (AsianLII)
     Graham Greenleaf, Philip Chung, Andrew Mowbray
CASE NOTE: Contra bonos mores: Religious Tenets and National Philosophy as the Yardstick for Determining Public Policy
     Choong Yeow Choy

Volume 8 No 3 (2006) - March 2007

Thinking Beyond Religion: Legal Pluralism in Britain's South Asian Diaspora
     Prakash Shah
Judges' Perspectives on the Impact of Self-Representation in Hong Kong Civil Cases
     Camille Cameron, Elsa Kelly and Eric Wing Hong Chui
The Spiliada in Singapore - Time for the Scrap Yard?
     Austin I Pullé
CASE NOTE: The Proselytisation Case: Law, the Rise of Islamic Conservatism and Religious Discrimination in West Java
     Melissa Crouch

Volume 8 No 2 (2006) - November 2006

Droit Administratif Thai Style: A Comparative Analysis of the Administrative Courts in Thailand
     Peter Leyland
Studying Post-Conflict Rule of Law: The Creation of an 'Ordinary Crimes Model' by the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor
     Erica Harper
Good Faith in Employment Termination-A Singapore Perspective
     Ravi Chandran
REVIEW: International Environmental Law and Asian Values
     Jolene Lin

Volume 8 No 1 (2006) - 1 September 2006

Experimenting with Regulation: The New Regulation of Professional Services in the People’s Republic of China
     Chris Arup
Developments in Judicial Review in Malaysian Industrial Law
     Kamal Halili Hassan
The Exclusionary Rule in Taiwan
     Ming-Woei Chang
CASE NOTE: The Long Term Credit Bank of Japan Litigation
     Mitsuru Misawa

Volume 7 No 3 (2005) - July 2006

SYMPOSIUM: Build It and They Will Come: The First Anniversary of Law Schools in Japan
     Stacey Steele
Forces Driving and Shaping Legal Training Reform in Japan
     Daniel H Foote
Build Postgraduate Law Schools in Kyoto, and Will They Come -- Sooner AND Later?
     Luke Nottage
Legal Education Reform in Japan: Teachers, Leave Us Kids Alone?
     Stacey Steele
COMMENT: The Development of a Method for Teaching Legal Ethics in Japan's New Law Schools: A Personal View
     Tatsuo Kuroyanagi
Zen and the Law School
     Veronica L Taylor
BOOK REVIEW: The State of Civil Society in Japan
     Stacey Steele and Justin Whitney
BOOK REVIEW: Legal Reform in Korea
     Malcolm Smith

Volume 7 No 2 (2005) - 4 November 2005

Establishing an Emissions Trading Scheme in Singapore
     Jolene Lin
Judicial Immunity and Independence of Vietnamese Judges: Reflections on the Ordinance on Judges and Jurors and the Law on the Organisation of the People’s Courts
     Gary Chan
The Recent Law Reforms and Plant Intellectual Property Law in Sri Lanka: Compliance with the TRIPS and CBD
     Kanchana Kariyawasam
BOOK REVIEW: Islamic Law and the Issue of Gender Equality in Indonesia
     Arskal Salim
BOOK REVIEW: Equal Before Allah, Unequal Before Man?
     Carolyn Evans
BOOK REVIEW: Towards Integrated Environmental Law in Indonesia?
     Alan Khee-Jin Tan
BOOK REVIEW: Public Interest Environment Litigation in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh
     Abdullah Al Faruque

Volume 7 No 1 (2005) - 30 June 2005

Legal Culture, Institutional Design Choices, and the Struggle to Implement an Effective Anti-Money Laundering Regime in Indonesia
     Jonathan A Eddy
Restitutionary Developments under Part VI, Malaysian Contracts Act 1950
     Cheong May Fong
Shifting Visions of the Social and Legal Order in Indonesia: Implications for Legislative Style and Form
     Sarah Waddell
International Corporate Governance Developments: The Path for China
     Chenxia Shi
COMMENT: A New Model Contract Law for E-commerce in Sri Lanka
     Aruna Samarajewa

Volume 6 No 3 (2005) - 22 April 2005

Ideology or Reality? Limited Judicial Independence in Contemporary Rural China
     He Xin
The Great Divide - Considering Section 157A of the Singapore Companies Act
     Pearlie Koh
Learning from China’s Experience for the Reform of North Korean Central Banking
     Dongwook Lee
Chinese Rules for Trade Barriers Investigation: A Comparative Analysis
     Cheng Weidong
COMMENT: Some Trends in the Development of Space Law in Hong Kong
     Zhao Yun

Volume 6 No 2 (2004) - October 2004

This volume includes the Bali Bombing case, see Casenote: The Masykur Abdul Kadir Case: Indonesian Constitutional Court Decision No 013/PUU-I/203. A copy of the Casenote can be downloaded free of charge. To obtain a copy, see Supplements.

Law and Policy for the Commercialisation of Chinese State-owned Banks
     Richard Wu
Defining Corporate Social Responsibility - A Singapore Perspective
     Lim-Lun Kit-Wye
The Right to Die: The Indian Experience
     Abhik Majumdar
CASE NOTE: The Masykur Abdul Kadir Case: Indonesian Constitutional Court No 013/PUU-I/2003 ("Bali Bombing case")
     Simon Butt and David Hansell
REVIEW: Reflections on the Possibility of International Legal Sociology
     Kawazoe Rei
REVIEW: Comparative Legal Studies: Traditions and Transitions
     Pip Nicholson
REVIEW: Realpolitik and Renewal in Asian Governance: The Role of Constitutional Courts
     Stewart Fenwick

Volume 6 No 1 (2004) - June 2004

Securities over Personal Property in the Philippines: A Spanish Civil Law–United States Common Law Imbroglio
     CA Ong and PM Spink
Tax Concessions for Regional Operating Headquarter Companies: A Comparative Study of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia
     Aldrin De Zilva
Financial Assistance by Malaysian Companies: A Gordian Knot
     Low Kee Yang
CASE NOTE: California Refuses to Apply Myanmar Law
     Andrew Huxley
REVIEW: Law and Labour Market Regulation in East Asia
     Paul Roth
REVIEW: International Protection of Minority Rights
     Carolyn Evans
REVIEW: Technology Transfer in Asia
     Margaret Calvert

Volume 5 No 3 (2003) - January 2004

Local-level Dispute Resolution in Post-reformasi Indonesia: Lessons from the Philippines
     Matthew Stephens
The Two-Track Model of Transitional Justice in Timor-Leste: is it Working?
     Anita Roberts
COMMENTARY: Administrative Review in Transition: the Law of Mongolia on Administrative Procedure, 26 December 2002
     Stewart Fenwick
CASE NOTE: The Indomobil Case
     Hikmahanto Juwana
REVIEW: Daniel Fitzpatrick, Land Claims in East Timor
     Jude Wallace
REVIEW: Japanese Law in a Nutshell
     Kent Anderson
REVIEW: The Moro Islamic Challenge
     Frank Hirtz

Volume 5 No 2 (2003) - September 2003

The Politics of Mediation in a Chinese County: The Case of Luo Lianxi
     HL Fu
Retrospectivity and the Constitutional Validity of the Bali Bombing and East Timor Trials
     Ross Clarke
State Torture in India: Strategies for Resistance and Reparation
     C Raj Kumar

Volume 5 No 1 (2003) - June 2003

Seeds of Dissent: The Evolution of Published Commercial Law Court Judgments in Contemporary China
     Colin Hawes
The 2002 Reform of the Management of Large Corporations in Japan: A Race to Somewhere?
     Dan W Puchniak
China and the Internet: Recent Developments
     DW Choy

Volume 4 No 3 (2002) - January 2003

Islamic Law in South-east Asia - Special Issue

Introduction: Islamic Law in South-east Asia
     MB Hooker
Revelation in a Modern Nation State: Muhammadiyah and Islamic Legal Reasoning in Indonesia
     Nadirsyah Hosen
Public Faces of Syarî'ah in Contemporary Indonesia: Towards a National Mazhab?
     MB Hooker and Tim Lindsey
Islamic Inheritance Law in Indonesia: The Influence of Hazairin's Theory of Bilateral Inheritance
     Mark Cammack

Volume 4 No 2 (2002) - October 2002

The Enforcement of Rulings of the Supreme Court on Judicial Independence in Bangladesh: When Enforcer Becomes Violator
     M Rafiqul Islam and SM Solaiman
The PRC and Sovereignty at International Law: A Growing Symbiosis?
     Justin G Fung and Alison T Lam
The Public Health Implications of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Legal Regime on Tobacco Control
     William Onzivu
The New Timor Sea Treaty between East Timor and Australia
     Gillian Triggs

Volume 4 No 1 (2002) - July 2002

'We' v 'I': Communitarian Legalism in Singapore
     Eugene KB Tan
The Invention of Burmese Buddhist Law: A Case Study in Legal Orientalism
     Hilary McGeachy
Narrowing the Avenues to Japan's Supreme Court: The Policy Implications of Japan's Code of Civil Procedure Reforms
     Masako Kamiya
'Perceptions of the Current State of the Japanese Legal System': Interview with Koji Sato, Chairman of Japan's Judicial Reform Council
     Carol Lawson and Simon Thornley
CASE NOTE: Native Title in Malaysia Continued - Nor's Case
     MB Hooker

Volume 3 No 3 (2001) - January 2002

The Rule of Law in Mongolia: Constitutional Court and Conspiratorial Parliament
     Stewart Fenwick
May there be Virtue: 'New Asian Constitutionalism' in Thailand
     Andrew Harding

Volume 3 No 2 (2001) - September 2001

Anatomy of FDI Failure: Foreign Direct Investment and the Sino-Vietnamese Experience of Total War
     Eric Wilson
Land Claims in East Timor: A Preliminary Assessment
     Daniel Fitzpatrick
Labelling the Law - Security for Credit Sales and the Classification of Legal Systems in Southeast Asia
     Richard Foster
CASE NOTE: 'Native Title' in Malaysia: Adong's Case
     MB Hooker

Volume 3 No 1 (2001) - July 2001

Self-Interest and Ideology: Bureaucratic Corruption in Vietnam
     John Gillespie
Judicial Independence and the Rule of Law: The Vietnam Court Experience
     Penelope Nicholson
Through a Glass Darkly: China, Transparency and the World Trade Organisation
     Sarah Biddulph

Volume 2 No 2 (2000) - March 2001

Governance and Companies Law in Indonesia
     Paul H Brietzke
ASIAN LAW IN TRANSLATION: Civil Rehabilitation Law (Law No 225 of 1999, Japan)
     Stacey Steele (translator)

Volume 2 No 1 (2000) - August 2000

Globalisation and Local Legal Culture: Dilemmas of China's Use of Liberal Ideals of Private Property Rights
     Pitman B Potter
Common Law Elements in the Philippine Mixed Legal System
     Soliman M Santos Jr
Evaluating the New Japanese Civil Rehabilitation Law
     Stacey Steele

Volume 1 No 2 (1999) - May 2000

The Rule of Law and Governance in the East Asian State
     Kanishka Jayasuriya
The Malaysian Judiciary: Erosion of Confidence
     Wu Min Aun
The Primacy of Development: Environmental Impact Assessment In Indonesia and Australia
     Margaret A Young
Cambodia: An Internet-Based Bibliography
     Pauline C Reich
ASIAN LAW IN TRANSLATION: Impact of Modern Western Law on the Chinese in Taiwan
     Wang Tay-sheng and Sean Cooney (translator)

Volume 1 No 1 (1999) - February 2000

Indonesian Law Reform, or Once More unto the Breach: A Brief Institutional History
     David K Linnan
Chinese Customary Law in Contemporary Malaysia and Singapore
     MB Hooker
The 1998 Cambodian Election: The Quest for Representative Democracy, Constitutionalism and Civil Society
     Graham Hassall
Japanese Business Law in Cyberspace: Preliminary Usage Patterns for the 'Japanese Law Links' Webpage
     Luke Nottage
ASIAN LAW IN TRANSLATION: Talk Law, Live Law, Make Law(s)
     Xu Zhangrun and Tom Clarke (translator)


Volume 6 No 2 Bali Bombing Case (Masykur Abdul Kadir Case)


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