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Australian Journal of Asian Law

Abstract from Volume 3 No 1 (2001)

Self-Interest and Ideology: Bureaucratic Corruption in Vietnam

John Gillespie has an LLM from Monash University and is currently a Senior lecturer at the School of Law, Deakin University. He is editor of Commercial Legal Development in Vietnam: Vietnamese and Foreign Commentaries (1997) and has written widely on Vietnamese legal issues.

Remedies for corruption in socialist transforming East Asia (China and Vietnam) primarily apply 'public choice' theory, invoking Weberian imagery of socially-detached bureaucratic decision-making. However, as the episodes of corruption accumulate, it is becoming clear that existing legalistic conceptions of corruption must give way to analytical methods that take into account broader social and institutional perspectives. This article evaluates public choice theory by examining ideological explanations for bureaucratic corruption in Vietnam.

(2001) 3(1) Asian Law 1

Full text available on Digital Editions

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