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Australian Journal of Asian Law

Abstract from Volume 3 No 2 (2001)

CASE NOTE: 'Native Title' in Malaysia: Adong's Case

Adong Kuwau v Kerajaan Negeri Johor [1997] 1 MLJ 418 (Adong's case); 2 CLJ 665 (appeal).

MB Hooker (LLM, Canterbury) is Adjunct Professor of the Faculty of Law and Asian Studies, Australian National University.

Even five years ago the thought that the Supreme Court of Malaysia would have ruled in favour of a native title for Malaysian aboriginal peoples (Orang Asli) would have been dismissed as an impossible fantasy. Yet it has happened in Adong's case. The purpose of this note is to try and explain how and why this decision came to be given, and its implications for the future of the Orang Asli of Malaysia.

(2001) 3(2) Asian Law 198

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