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Australian Journal of Asian Law

Abstract from Volume 4 No 3 (2002)

Revelation in a Modern Nation State: Muhammadiyah and Islamic Legal Reasoning in Indonesia

Nadirsyah Hosen

Muhammadiyah, established in 1912, is the second largest Islamic organisation in Indonesia. The challenge it now faces as a 'modernist' Muslim organisation is to use modern Islamic legal reasoning (ijtihd) as an instrument for the regulation and reconstruction of Indonesian society. This article examines the attempt by Muhammadiyah to apply the revelation sent down 15 centuries ago to the problems of a modern nation state by looking critically at Muham--madiyah's method of handing down fatw. The principal method used by Muham-madiyah is generally that used by the 'ulam for centuries. The article argues that a new method of analysing the Qur`n and the ad is needed, one that uses a contextual approach to legal language and interpretation.

(2003) 4(3) Asian Law 232

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