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Australian Journal of Asian Law

Abstract from Volume 12 No 1 (2010)

Scandalising the Singapore Judiciary

Tsun Hang Tey is Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore.

Despite its small size, Singapore has special importance for debates and discussions over its relationship between economic development and progress on the one hand, and political, social and legal institutions on the other. This article considers how legal interpretation by the judiciary in Singapore has apparently curtailed the constitutional guarantee of the freedom of expression, and how this has regrettably tilted the balance between the judiciary’s reputation and an individual’s right to freedom of expression and speech in favour of the former. Nevertheless, this article is not directed at the shortcomings of the consistency of judgments by the judiciary; rather it hopes to open up a new line of debate over the extent to which it is ‘rule of law’ or ‘rule by law’ that is adopted in matters where criticisms of the ruling party and its leaders in Singapore are involved.

(2010) 12(1) Asian Law 59

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