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Australian Journal of Asian Law

Abstract from Volume 10 No 1 (2008)

Local Government, Democratic Participation and the Urban Environment in Peninsular Malaysia

Andrew Harding, MA (Oxon) 1974, LLM (Singapore) 1984, PhD (Monash) 1987, is Professor of Asia Pacific Law, Faculty of Law and Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives, University of Victoria, Canada.

This article examines the effect of the local government system in urban parts of Peninsular Malaysia in the context of public participation in decision-making relating to planning and the environment. It engages in two case studies. The first relates to the system of planning control, and the second to squatter communities. The article concludes that there is a major deficit in democratic participation at the local government level, and that the neglect of local government revealed by these studies indicates that the restoration of local government elections is highly desired to improve participation and democracy and thereby to improve the urban environment.

(2008) 10(1) Asian Law 1

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