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Australian Journal of Asian Law

Abstract from Volume 7 No 3 (2005)

BOOK REVIEW: The State of Civil Society in Japan

Stacey Steele is Associate Director (Japan) at the Asian Law Centre, University of Melbourne Law School, Australia.
Justin Whitney is a PhD Candidate at Nagoya University researching civil society theory. He is also currently in charge of the World Bank commissioned project 'Legal and Judicial Sector at a Glance' for the Center for Asial Legal Exchange at Nagoya University.

Book review of:
Frank J Schwartz and Susan J Pharr (eds), The State of Civil Society in Japan. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003. Pages: xviii + 336. ISBN 0-521-53462-3. Price: $59.95 (pb)

(2005) 7 Asian Law 310-13

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