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Australian Journal of Asian Law

Abstract from Volume 7 No 3 (2005)

Build Postgraduate Law Schools in Kyoto, and Will They Come -- Sooner AND Later?

Luke Nottage BCA/LLB, PhD in Law (Victoria University of Wellington), LLM (Kyoto) is a Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Sydney; Co-Director, Australian Network for Japanese Law; Director, Japanese Law Links Pty Ltd; Visiting Associate Professor, Ritsumeikan University Law Faculty (October 2004 -- January 2005) .

This article critically assesses many issues that have arisen or become more visible since new postgraduate 'law schools' got underway in April 2004 in Japan, focusing on those in Kyoto, a major centre of learning. It re-emphasises serious design flaws in the original reform proposal and notes s0me more promising tendencies subsequently. It argues that the new system remains unstable and inherently problematic for teachers, students and the broader community. The article concludes by proposing more thoroughgoing reforms driven by educators and a broader array of stakeholders.

(2005) 7 Asian Law 241-63

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