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Australian Legal Monograph Series

General Editor: W D Duncan

A series of short legal treatises on subjects of interest to scholars and legal practitioners.

The Series is intended to provide an avenue for the publication of scholarly works of the very highest calibre which, because of their brevity and narrow subject matter, would otherwise be unlikely to find a vehicle for dissemination in Australia.

All monographs are peer-reviewed, and are designated an A1 in the DEST classification process. It is anticipated that no more than three or four monographs will be published each year.

Publishing proposals for the Series

The ideal monograph for the Series will make a book of less than 150 printed pages (around 40,000 words of text). It is an ideal outlet for the publication in revised form of both lengthy research papers and abridged versions of research degrees in law [PhDs, LLMs or SJDs],and even Honours dissertations,which are unsuitable for publication as articles or as a commercial text because of length or subject matter.

Any topic is of interest to us. The primary criterion is quality.

See the Submitting Proposals - for Books information on the For Authors pages (click here) for more detail about the method of submitting proposals and manuscripts. However, potential contributors to the Series should contact the Publisher, Chris Holt, or the General Editor, Professor Bill Duncan, Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology, to discuss proposals informally before submission.

Titles in Australian Legal Monograph Series:


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