Adjudication in the Building Industry

Adjudication in the Building Industry

3rd edition

By Philip Davenport


Many in the construction industry, and their professional advisers, remain unaware of the scheme for compulsory rapid adjudication which has now been adopted throughout Australia outside WA and NT. Many contractors and owners are compelled to pay large claims because they have not availed themselves of the protections afforded by the legislation.

Philip Davenport’s book explains the scheme, and its detail. Completely rewritten in this third edition, it covers NSW, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT. It cites many of the hundreds of judgments interpreting security of payment and adjudication – and is frequently critical. It assists

  • claimants on how to make claims, prepare adjudication applications and enforce payment
  • respondents to defend claims and challenge adjudication determinations; and
  • adjudicators with warnings on pitfalls that adjudicators fall into

It also includes references to useful web sites, for example those on which precedents can be downloaded free of charge. In the whole history of construction contracting nothing matches the importance of compulsory rapid adjudication.


Published 3 September 2010
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862878044
Australian RRP $89.95
International Price $85.00