Leading Cases in Contract Law

Leading Cases in Contract Law

A Guide to the 100 Most Frequently Cited Judgments in Contract and Related Subjects

By Daniel Reynolds and Lyndon Goddard


This book provides a summary of the 100 most cited cases in the law of contract and related subjects. Each case note contains an outline of the facts, the issues and the decision, an extract of the most frequently cited portions of the judgment, and commentary outlining the principles for which the case stands and incorporating later decisions on the topic. Each case is then distilled into a one-sentence statement of the proposition for which it can be cited as authority.

The book covers not only cases that deal directly with contract law, but also cases that relate to topics having a close connection with contract, such as estoppel, unjust enrichment, relief against forfeiture and equitable vitiating factors. This approach provides the reader with a broad overview of the issues that are relevant to the practice, or study, of contract law.

This book will be useful to law students, who can expect to read many of these cases during university, as well as to legal practitioners, providing a first point of reference for cases that, by definition, will be frequently encountered in practice.

From the Launch, address by The Hon Acting Justice Arthur Emmett AO QC, 18 August 2017...

"The genius of the work is the extraction of a single proposition for each of the 100 cases dealt with. Appendix 1 is a table, in alphabetical order, of the cases dealt with, showing opposite each case in the table the single sentence proposition gleaned from that case. Appendix 2 then organises all of the cases dealt with into 10 categories, which cover the principal topics of contract law. … I congratulate Daniel and Lyndon on the production of this lepidum novum libellum, their charming new little book, a work of very high intellect but also of extremely practical utility." Read Launch notes...


Published 14 August 2017
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781760021467
Australian RRP $79.95
International Price $72.70