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No Nudity, Weapons or Naked Flames

No Nudity, Weapons or Naked Flames

Monologues for Drama Students by 7-On

By Donna Abela, Vanessa Bates, Hilary Bell, NoŽlle Janaczewska, Verity Laughton, Ned Manning and Catherine Zimdahl


Every HSC drama student who undertakes ‘Performance’ must do an IP (Individual Performance) as part of their final exam. Playwrights’ company 7-On has created a collection of self-contained performance texts conceived with Higher School Certificate students in mind. The 21 monologues are accompanied by notes to help young performers understand, research, and communicate each piece.

7-On comprises seven renowned Australian playwrights united by their commitment to getting good new writing onto Australian stages. By providing HSC students with compelling material of substance, 7-On aims to encourage a passion for the arts and engender a new generation of theatre-makers and theatregoers.


Foreword by John McCallum 
General Notes


Nobody Famous by Vanessa Bates
Ariadne by Verity Laughton
iSpiderman by Noëlle Janaczewska
Delia’s Clothes by Hilary Bell
Sex Ed by Ned Manning
A Cleansing Force by Donna Abela
What To Do With Your Life by Catherine Zimdahl
Farmer Frank Is In Show Business by Vanessa Bates
Ella by Verity Laughton
Expiry Date by Noëlle Janaczewska
Narcissus by Hilary Bell
Every Parent’s Nightmare by Ned Manning
Among the Missing by Donna Abela
A Child Into The World by Catherine Zimdahl
The World’s Tiniest Monkey by Vanessa Bates
Charlie by Verity Laughton
What’s Coalfield to you is Paradise (Lost) to me by Noëlle Janaczewska
Dawn by Hilary Bell 
Jungle Memory by Ned Manning
Afterlife by Donna Abela
Fun-Time by Catherine Zimdahl

Glossary of Terms
About the Authors



Wow, what a great book. So many different types of monologues, all really suitable for young adults. Fantastic for high school drama students but also wonderful material for aspiring and professional actors. The notes after each piece are invaluable. Wish it had been around when I was auditioning for drama school.

Miranda Otto


Published 19 March 2012
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862878778
Australian RRP $34.95
International Price $30.00
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