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Rights and Freedoms in Australia

Rights and Freedoms in Australia

Edited by Jude Wallace and G T Pagone


Rights and Freedoms in Australia outlines:

  • how fundamental rights and freedoms of all Australians relate to familiar situations in everyday life: death of a parent, being a migrant, dealing with police and government officials
  • advice on how best to exercise your rights and freedoms
  • the limits of your rights and freedoms.

Specific areas covered in this accessible volume are:

  • freedom
  • welfare
  • dealing with government
  • rights against others
  • marriage and de facto marriage
  • aborigines
  • human rights.


Freedom in Australia

The fundamental freedoms
Melinda Jones
Jennifer Nielsen and Tony Pagone
Beth Gaze


Social security pensions and enefits
Peter Hanks
Medical complaints
Leanna Darvall
Rights of intellectually disadvantaged people
Terry Carney
Terry Carney
Rights of landowners
Jude Wallace
You as an elderly person
Kevin Andrews

Dealing with the Government

Dealing with the Government
Beth Gaze
The Australian Taxation Office
Rick Krever
Mary Crock
Local government
Yet Bryant
Complaining about government employees
Ian Freckleton and Hugh Selby


Police powers
Ian Grey
Prisoners' rights
David Allen
Victims of crime
Liam McCarthy

Rights Against Others

You and your employment
Marilyn Pittard
Guy Powles
Motor vehicle accidents
Francis Trindale
You as a member of a group
Tim Pinos and Sally Sievers
Stephen J Howells

Marriage: Aborigines: Human Rights

Marriage and de facto marriage
Martin Bartfield
Fr Frank Brennan
Human rights
CG Weeramantry


The contributors have presented a principled approach to an assessment of Australian laws and practices concerning civil liberties. The book will give to its readers the reasons why civil liberties are so important, and the intellectual tools for assessing our current position in Australia.

John Dowd, former Attorney-General, New South Wales

The first book to give Civil Liberties in Australia an authoritative voice on public issues ... describes the fundamental and unique civil and political rights of citizens.

Ron Castan QC

... a valuable contribution to the work for human rights.

Elizabeth Evatt AO


Published February 1990
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862870260
Australian RRP $24.95
International Price $22.00
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Human Rights & Civil Liberties
Law - Human Rights
Law - Indigenous
Criminology & Policing - Criminology

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