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Heydon: Selected Speeches and Papers

Heydon: Selected Speeches and Papers

By Dyson Heydon, Edited by John Sackar and Thomas Prince


This volume presents a collection of Dyson Heydon's speeches and papers.




I Lawyers
1. Address at the Fifteen Bobber of the Hon Justice WMC Gummow
2. Speech in Honour of JRF Lehane
3. Address to Bench and Bar Dinner
4. Outstanding Australian Judges
5. Speech in Honour of Simon and Jan Sheller
6. Address in Memory of Peter Hely
7. Toast to the Hon Murray Gleeson AC QC
8. Address in Memory of John Basil Kearney
9. Speech in Honour of Lord Hoffmann
10. Address in Memory of Roderick Pitt Meagher
11. The Fortunate Life of Ninian Stephen
12. AWB Simpson’s “The Common Law and Legal Theory”
13. Tom Hughes

II Outsiders and Dissenters
14. Chief Justice Gibbs: Defending the Rule of Law in a Federal System
15. The Public Life of John and Nancy Stone
16. Japanese War Crimes, Retroactive Laws and Mr Justice Pal, Cortina
17. Catholic Resistance to German State Persecution: Lessons for Modern Australia
18. President De Gaulle Was Wrong: The European Union, the United Kingdom and Australia

III Judicial Technique
19. Judicial Activism and the Death of the Rule of Law
20. Limits to the Powers of Ultimate Appellate Courts
21. How far can Trial Courts and Intermediate Appellate Courts Develop The Law?
22. Varieties of Judicial Method in the Late 20th Century
23. Threats to Judicial Independence: The Enemy Within
24. The “Objective” Approach to Statutory Construction

IV The Australian Constitution
25. The Gaining and Losing of National Independence
26. One Small Point About Originalism
27. Theories of Constitutional Interpretation: A Taxonomy
28. What Do We Mean by the Rule of Law?
29. Sir Samuel Griffith and the Making of the Australian Constitution
30. Sir Samuel Griffith as Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia
31. Are Bills of Rights Necessary in Common Law Systems?

V Evidence and Criminal Law
32. Common Experience, Judicial Notice and Opinion Evidence: Distinctions, Parallels, Overlaps and Contradictions
33. The Common Law of Evidence and Human Rig
34. The Origins of the Indian Evidence Act
35. The Influence of Sir James Fitzjames Stephen on the Law of Evidence
36. Reflections on James Fitzjames Stephen
37. Interactions Between the Common Law and Criminal Codes: Australia
38. Four Great Australian Legal Disasters
39. Is the Weight of Evidence Material to its Admissibility?

VI Equity and Contracts
40. The Non-Fiduciary Duty of Directors to Exercise Care: A Study in Flawed Forensic Technique
41. Modern Fiduciary Liability: The Sick Man of Equity?
42. Comment on Lord Hoffmann’s “Interpretation of Contracts”
43. Commentary on Lord Neuberger’s “The Remedial Constructive Trust – Fact or Fiction”

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Published 31 July 2018
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781760021764
Australian RRP $180.00
International Price $165.00
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Law - Judges & Courts
Law - Legal Profession / Legal Practice
Law - Legal Profession / Legal Practice
Law - Equity & Trusts
Law - Evidence

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