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The Charter of Rights and Freedom

The Charter of Rights and Freedom

4th edition

By Robert J Sharpe and Kent Roach


Written by two of Canada's leading constitutional scholars, no other Canadian book provides such an accessible yet thorough and objective account of the Canadian Charter Rights and Freedoms. The authors survey the manner in which Canadian courts have come to terms with a constitutionally entrenched bill of rights, focusing on the decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada. The purpose is to explain the Charter, its interpretation by the courts, and its practical application.

The text has been thoroughly updated to reflect Charter jurisprudence since publication of the third edition in 2005. Notable among those developments are significant changes to the way the Supreme Court has approached the interpretation of equality rights, constitutional remedies, and most recently the rights of the criminally accused.


Historical context
The legitimacy of judicial review
Interpretation of the Charter of Freedom and Rights
Limitation of Charter Rights
The legislative override
Charter litigation
Freedom of conscience and religion
Freedom of expression
Freedom of association
Democratic rights
Mobility rights
Life, liberty, and security of the person and the principles of fundamental justice
Charter Rights in the criminal process
Language rights
table of cases/index

Published 2009
Publisher Irwin Law (Canada)
ISBN 9781552211755
Australian RRP $75.00
International Price $70.00
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Law - Canadian Law
Law - Civil Litigation
Law - Remedies
Law - Jurisprudence / Legal Theory

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