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Fragile Bastion

Fragile Bastion

Judicial independence in the 90s and beyond

Edited by Helen Cunningham

Published by the Judicial Commission of New South Wales. This book is no longer available from The Federation Press. To purchase a copy or for further information, please contact the Judicial Commission on email, putting "Fragile Bastion" or "publishing" in the subject line.


The Appointment and Removal of Judges
Sir Anthony Mason AC KBE

The Well-tuned Cymbal
The Honourable John Doyle

Constitutional Aspects of Judicial Independence
PH Lane

Independence of the Judiciary: Some federal government initiatives
The Honourable Daryl Williams AM QC MP

Judicial Independence: Its history in England and Wales
The Right Honourable Lord Justice Brooke

The Judiciary in France: Reconstructing lost indepedence
Bron McKillop


Fragile Bastion contributes to current discussion and debate on what the concept of judicial independence is, and how it operates in a parliamentary democracy.
Chief Justice Doyle of South Australia strongly advocates that judicial independence ultimately depends on public support … it is the responsibility of judges themselves to explain to people how courts work despite the risk. Lord Justice Brooke gives a highly readable overview of the history of the evolution of the judiciary in England, from which the Australian judicature is derived. …
Prof Pat Lane examines similar practices in their Australian constitutional setting. …Bron McKillop describes the development of the judiciary over the same period in France and Sir Anthony Mason canvasses procedures for the appointment and dismissal of judges.
Fragile Bastion [provides] a public resource on how the courts work and the significance of judicial independence. The essays are written clearly, the presentation is attractive and the range of the volume is impressive.

Australian Law Journal


Published August 1997
ISBN 9780731302819

No longer stocked by us

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