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Laina Chan


Laina Chan has been at the bar since 2004. Prior to 2004, she was a solicitor at firms including Minter Ellison and Phillips Fox. Upon graduation, she was researcher to Clarke JA and Kirby JA in the New South Wales Court of Appeal. She has been recognised as the leading expert in Australia on the interplay between construction and insurance law. She has also been identified as a woman to watch by the University of Sydney Law School and a game changer in the Top 100 Women in Construction.

She has been published in many leading journals on property, construction and insurance law. She has also presented nationally and internationally on construction law and international arbitration. She has been a guest lecturer at the University of Melbourne Masters of Construction Law Course and the University of Sydney Masters of Contract Law Course. In August 2019, she will receive her Certificate of Management Excellence from Harvard Business School.

Since 1996, she has appeared on significant construction and commercial cases. In that period, she has seen an increase in the use of consumer claims in virtually all commercial disputes. She brings this practical insight into the textbook.

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