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Dr Alan D Hemmings

Dr Alan D Hemmings
Dr Alan D Hemmings is a specialist on Antarctic governance and environmental management. An independent Consultant, Senior Fellow at Gateway Antarctica Centre for Antarctic Studies and Research at New Zealandís University of Canterbury and Research Associate at the University of Tasmaniaís Institute for Antarctic and Southern Ocean Studies.

Hemmings did two winters in Antarctica with the British Antarctic Survey, and has also been to Antarctica with the French and New Zealand Antarctic programmes, Greenpeace and as New Zealand Government Representative on a tourist ship. He has participated in the annual Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings (including the latest meeting in New Delhi in May 2007), meetings of experts groups on tourism, liability, and meetings of the Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) since 1989.

He is currently on Australiaís Antarctic Science Advisory Committee and was appointed to that position by the Minister of Environment and Water. He has been a Senior Adviser to the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition and a previous chair of IUCNís Antarctic Advisory Committee. He is currently an adviser for a television documentary on Antarctic governance.

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