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Tanya Josev (BA LLB (Hons) PhD(Melb)) is a Senior Lecturer in the Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne. She researches in contemporary Australian and American legal and political history. Her current research projects focus on the origins and evolution of the binary understanding of the judicial role as involving ‘activism’ and ‘restraint’ across various common law jurisdictions; and on judicial biography. Her thesis on the changing meanings of the judicial activism terminology was awarded the Dennis-Wettenhall prize for the best thesis in Australian history in 2015. In 2010-11, she was based at New York University’s School of Law as part of the Hauser Global Fellows Program. Her research has been supported by scholarships from the Australian Federation of Graduate Women, the Alma Hansen Bequest, the Hauser Global program at NYU, and various other prizes.

Tanya has published in leading law reviews (such as the University of New South Wales Law Journal, the Public Law Review and Studies in Law, Politics and Society) and previously worked as a corporate lawyer and as an associate to the late Justice Goldberg of the Federal Court of Australia. This is her first book.

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