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Proposals for Books


Permission requests to reproduce your work must be directed to the Publisher. Please refer to our guidelines in the attached PDF for more information: Permissions

Submitting a Proposal for a Book

The Federation Press welcomes the submission of book proposals in the fields in which we publish, mostly in the areas of law and related disciplines. For our full list, including non-law titles, please see the Subject listing on this website. Following are some proposal guidelines.

What to include in your proposal

Please include:

  • The rationale for your book (approximately 100 words)
  • The proposed length of your book and its current status (completed/ in draft form/ writing not yet begun). If the book is not complete, please make sure you include your estimated completion date
  • Draft chapter outline with abstracts (50 words) on each chapter. This should make clear the structure, scope and argument of your proposal, and the number of words, with and without footnotes, in it 
  •  Summary of the experience and background which qualifies you to write the manuscript (approximately 100 words)
  •  The category (or categories) in our subject index appropriate to your proposal
  • What competitive advantage your book would have over its rivals (apart from your authorship) 
  • The intended market: what group or groups of people you think will be sufficiently interested in your book to buy it. Please try to be as precise as possible and quantify markets wherever practicable
  • Do not send your entire manuscript

You may find our House Style Guide helpful.

Where to submit your proposal

Email your proposal to  


Post your proposal to:

The Publisher
The Federation Press
PO Box 6178
Alexandria NSW 2015

What happens after I submit a proposal?

We acknowledge receipt of proposals within two weeks. Proposals are considered in the first instance by the Publishers, with input from Editorial and Marketing. We try to reach a decision within one to three months, but occasionally more complex proposals sometimes take longer.

Intellectual property issues

Like most publishers, The Federation Press usually holds copyright in the work, although occasionally licence arrangements apply. All work is attributed to the author(s) and/or editor(s).

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