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These comments are unsolicited. We value all feedback and appreciate the time you take to contact us.

From our authors
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From our authors

"On looking through the book I was thrilled to see how good it looks and my special thanks to the person who thought to add the italics to various points of interest throughout the book. It's been a pleasure to see this book through to publication."
Hugh M Selby, author of most recently, Advocacy - Preparation and Performance
Advocacy and Expert Witness Trainer, Legal Workshop @ ANU, 10 July 2009

"...thank you for all your terrific work on Law and Liberty in the War on Terror which arrived here yesterday. It looks excellent and we are so very grateful for your enthusiasm for the concept and the way in which you facilitated its speedy conversion to the book which sits now on my desk! It is exactly five months since the symposium was held at which many of the chapters in the book were first delivered - and I think that is an incredible turn around time. It really was a great pleasure working with you to achieve this."
Dr Andrew Lynch, author of Law and Liberty on the War on Terror and Director, Terrorism and Law Project, Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law, University of NSW, 7 December 2007

"We academics are very fortunate in having such an enterprising publisher to publish our works." 
Geoffrey Lindell, editor of, most recently, The Mason Papers3 September 2005

"Federation Press was my first choice as a publisher not just because I thought you were good, but because everyone had good things to say about you and everyone was right. It was a real pleasure from beginning to end." 
Suzanne Corcoran, author of Interpreting Statutes, 28 June 2005

About our service

"As a regular purchaser of Federation Press titles I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful service you provide. We had a number of urgent requests for pre ordered books recently and they all arrived the day after their advertised publication date - this was very much appreciated by the requestor and by Library staff. Keep up the great service!!!"
- Karyn Gladwish, Director , Library and Information Services Section, Attorney-General's Department, February 2012

"Thank you for your excellent service in supplying the book Australasian Marine Pollution Laws via Express Post. It has arrived this morning [Monday] on my desk, even though I only ordered it on Friday afternoon."
- Sandra Daws, Perth WA, 18th October 2010

"I ordered Environmental Policy by Ian Thomas through your online store (which was very easy, your online ordering form is great) and I received the book in about 24hrs. Thanks for the very quick delivery. Wonderful!" 
- Kat Olesen, 17 July 2009

"I do plenty of buying online. I have made two recent purchases from you and just wanted to drop you a short note to say that your customer service delivery is nothing short of unbelievingly damn excellent. Well done and a pleasure buying from you."
- Mick O’Donnell, Griffith (NSW), 8 May 2008

"I rang up and purchased one of your books on Wednesday - Power at Work by Michael Crosby - and I was thrilled to have it arrive so quickly on Friday. The book was really well packed and a great read too. Thanks for the friendly, fast and professional transaction - very impressive." 
- Jeremy Sanders, Victoria, 15 May 2007

"I ordered a book, A History of Criminal Law in NSW yesterday [21 December]; on-line at 13:05. The book was in my letterbox this morning; first thing. I would not have expected this level of service in normal times, but certainly not in the pre-Christmas rush. THANK-YOU!!" 
- David Mynott, 22 December 2006 11:58 AM

"I am writing to express my appreciation to individuals and organisations that have made a positive contribution to the participation of students with disabilities at the University of Melbourne.
I would like to acknowledge and commend The Federation Press in this regard. Your company has played an essential part in the provision of services for students with disabilities, and in helping the University fulfil its commitment to access and equity."
- Matthew Brett, Manager, Disability Liaison Unit, University of Melbourne, 18 January 2006 

"I purchased three books online last Thursday night and I was delighted to receive them in today's post, in less than two working days. Thank you for such wonderful books and such wonderful service." 
- David Jones, Newmarket (Qld) 13 September 2004

"I am constantly gratified and astounded by the promptness and service received from Federation Press. Many thanks."
- Louis Grosfeld, Sydney Library Services Manager, Blake Dawson Waldron, 27 May 2004

"I ordered a book from you last Thursday (by Fax) and, to my delight, received it today (Monday). I just wanted to thank you very much for such prompt and efficient service. Although I don't usually buy my law books online from publishers, I will certainly use you again if and when the need arises and will tell my friends how good your company is. Thanks again!"
- Lydia Ralph, 19 February 2003

"Can I just say how very impressed we are with your service! For speed of supply you would have to be #1!!"
- Sue Hamilton, Text Services Manager, La Trobe Uni Bookshop, 07 August 2002

"Thanks, I look forward to receiving the book. I have found Federation's email ordering extremely user friendly."
- Michael Daly, 04 January 2003

About our website

"... the standard of service offered (on the website) is excellent."
- Marion McGuire, 27 May 2004

"I like your website, it is easy to use ... you seem to have a refreshing range of interesting material, good luck."
- Peter D West, 12 March 2003

"I do keep an eye on your website, and in fact I have just visited it this afternoon and found the information I was looking for in seconds. I just wanted to say how good I think it is…in that your search facility allows the user to narrow the search to a topic area, title, author and even ISBN. Well done!"
- Stuart Horsburgh, Assistant Stock Controller, University Co-op Bookshop, 04 October 2002

About our books

"... the quality of the contribution you are making to Australian legal history (and legal publishing generally) is, I hope, evident to all."
- Geoff Lindsay SC, Chairman of the History Committee of the NSW Bar Association, and
Secretary of the Francis Forbes Society for Australian Legal History, 26 March 2003

"Thought you might like to learn that Professor Randall Peerenboom one of the leading scholars of the Chinese Legal System, has just responded positively to my request for a referee report and added: 'By the way I love your Journal [Australian Journal of Asian Law]. I think it will soon be recognized (even in the US!) as the leader in the field.'"
- Amanda Whiting, 18 September 2002

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