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Policing and Crime Prevention: The Role of Insurance

Sharyn L Roach Anleu, Lorraine Green Mazerolle and Lois Presser

Anleu, Mazerolle and Presser explore the trend of articulation of private corporate interests with state and community-based programs in crime prevention. They note that while insurance companies employ the rhetoric of community involvement and indeed may be able to help people to reduce criminogenic opportunities, they are not acting out of pure altruism. Their support for programs is contingent upon the maximisation of overall profit. Persuading those at risk in effect to self-police is an increasingly important part of the insurers' strategy. While community crime prevention programs may speak inclusively of shared obligations, the logic of insurance against crime tends to concentrate upon those who can afford to pay their premiums, thus exacerbating existing social inequalities.

(1999) 17(1) Law in Context 57
Keywords: Crime Prevention; Insurance

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