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Lola Akin Ojelabi is a Senior Lecturer at La Trobe University School of Law.

Mary Anne Noone is a Professor at La Trobe University School of Law.

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes are used in widely varying contexts, including business, finance, health, family, community (including owners’ corporation disputes), children’s matters, government, human rights and employment. ADR processes are integral in civil and family justice systems the world over. This special issue is devoted to exploring the ADR landscape and identifying the breadth of ethical issues that arise in different iterations of ADR processes. The diverse settings in which ADR is used, the hybridisation of processes, and the fact that ADR practitioners come from different professional backgrounds creates a complex environment within which to consider ethical issues. It is a challenge to establish the parameters of ADR practitioners’ ethical responsibilities in these varying contexts and the policy steps that may assist them in discharging their responsibilities. The articles in this edition are a step in this process.

(2017) 35(1) Law in Context p1

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