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Legal History Turns: Topics and Optics

Dr Karen Schultz is a Lecturer at the Griffith Law School, and Chair of the Organising Committee for Griffith Law School’s Legal History Seminar Series, established in 2011.

This article locates ‘legal history turns’ in the wider intellectual landscape of the proliferation of turns in the 20th and 21st centuries, and examines the tension between turns’ diverse topics and optics. These ‘optics’ represent diverse historiographical and interdisciplinary perceptions that illuminate topics in law, legal scholarship and legal history. The article first ‘defines’ legal history turns, and then moves to consider how the increasing production of turns generates tensions not only between topics and optics, but between brighter views and darker visions of ‘turn talk’. The potential of exploring legal history turns is endorsed by identifying how optics are generated from the topics of the ‘Legal History Turns’ Special Issue.

(2015) 33(1) Law in Context p1

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