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Borderlines: Socio-legality as the Abject

Paula Baron is Chair of Common Law and Head of Law at La Trobe University; currently the Chair of the Standing Committee on Legal Education and Student Matters, Council of Australian Law Deans (CALD) and the general editor of Law in Context (Federation Press).

Paula has published in Australia and internationally in the areas of law and gender, legal education, ethics and professional responsibility, contract and intellectual property. She has a particular interest in contextual and socio-legal approaches to law and her own interdisciplinary approach involves the application of psychoanalytic theory to law.

This article is concerned with socio-legality. The purpose of this article is to apply a psychoanalytic reading, specifically Kristeva’s concept of the abject, to the socio-legal enterprise. Reading socio-legality as Law’s abject, I argue, can shed light on the internal angst and conflicted history of socio-legality, as well as revealing possibilities for its future.

(2013) 29(2) Law in Context 24

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