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History is a Key Decoder: Why China Aims at Re-emerging as a Global Leader of Innovation

Ken Shao, PhD (London), LLM (London), LLB (Nanjing), is Director of the Graduate Certificate in Chinese Law in the School of Law, Murdoch University, Australia; Adjunct Professor at Zhongnan University Intellectual Property Centre in China; and Education Committee Member (WA) at the Australia-China Business Council.

In recent years, China has been shifting its heavy focus on manufacturing to a knowledge-based economy with the aim of becoming a world leading innovator. This paper explores, from an inter-disciplinary perspective, reasons for explaining this noteworthy phenomenon. It argues that China traditionally had been a global innovation leader and this cultural DNA still exists in today’s Chinese society. It also argues China’s status today as the world’s factory is not the objective but an unfortunate process caused by complicated internal and external factors, resulting in China’s need to seek changes in its economy.

(2013) 29(1) Law in Context 117

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