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Justice at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda: Are Criticisms Just?

Kirsten Keith, BA, LLB, LLM (cum laude) in Public International Law, Leiden University, is a former Legal Officer for the Prosecution at the Special Court for Sierra Leone, where she spent 2008 working on the Charles Taylor case.

This article considers three ongoing criticisms made against the ICTR. First, the apparent one-sidedness of prosecutions, with critics seeing the ICTR as administering ‘victor’s justice’; only Hutu leaders have been tried despite evidence implicating members of the Tutsi-led RPF
in the commission of war crimes. Second, delays in the administration of justice that impact on the rights of accused. Third, the failure of the ICTR to fully address issues of sexual violence crimes.

(2009) 27 No 1 Law in Context 78

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