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The Hong Kong Multinational Judge in Criminal Appeals

Associate Professor Simon Young is Director of the Centre for Comparative and Public Law, Faculty of Law, Univer­sity of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has had its share of multinational judges, that is, judges who have judged in more than one national jurisdiction. For decades, Hong Kong supplied judges to Brunei, and after the abolition of final appeals to the Privy Council in 1997, Hong Kong became a venue for multinational judging by some of the world’s most distinguished jurists. How much do we know about multinational judging and its impact on decision-making and the development of the law? This article tracks the jurisprudential trails of three Hong Kong judges in criminal appeal cases. All three came to Hong Kong with the colonial legal service, and during or after their tenure in Hong Kong they have also judged in Brunei or Bermuda. All three currently serve as non-permanent judges of Hong Kong’s Court of Final Appeal.

(2008) 26 No 1 Law in Context 130

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