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On Law and Finance

Dr Gordon Walker, SJD (Duke), is a Professor of Law and former Head of School at La Trobe University School of Law (2004-07). He has published extensively in the area of securities regulation where his publications (as co-editor and co-author) include Securities Regulation in Australia and New Zealand (1998) and the four-volume service published by Oxford University Press, International Securities Regu­lation; Pacific Rim. In 2006, he was Paul Hastings Visiting Professor in Corporate and Financial Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong and the Asian Institute of International Financial Law, and gave the Paul Hastings Public lecture subsequently published as ‘Securities Regulation, Efficient Markets and Behavioural Finance: Reclaiming the Legal Genealogy’ (2006) 36(3) Hong Kong Law Journal 481. In 2007, he served as Conference Chair of the 14th Global Finance Con­ference hosted by La Trobe University in Melbourne. In 2008, he was Wallace S Fujiyama Visiting Professor at the William S Richardson School of Law, University of Hawaii.

Introduction and thematic overview of the articles contained in the volume, which arose from the 14th Global FInance Conference

(2007) 25 No 2 Law in Context 1

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