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Pro Bono in the Post-Professional Spectrum of Legal Services

Christopher Arup is Associate Professor, School of Law and Legal Studies, La Trobe University, where he has also been Head of School.

Pro bono operates within an increasingly rich and varied spectrum of legal services funding and delivery. It is also plays a part in the tendency for legal services to be unbundled and recombined. The article identifies social changes and professional developments that are altering the nature of pro bono work and its relationship with other legal services designed to enhance access to justice. It looks specifically at pro bono from the perspective of the large commercial firms forming partnerships with the community, the practitioners traditionally involved in legal aid, and the plaintiff lawyers providing services on a conditional fee basis. The article weighs pro bono against these other services; less tangibly, it explores the implications for the professional and post-professional future of legal services.

(2001) 19 Law in Context 190
Keywords: Lawyering

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