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Challenging the Constitution of the (White and Straight) Family in Work and Family Scholarship

Anna Chapman is a Senior Lecturer in the Law School, University of Melbourne, and a member of the Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law, University of Melbourne.

This chapter seeks to engage with the normative vision of how children are cared for, present in much work and family scholarship, debate and legal regulation in Australia. This vision is largely one of children cared for within two parent heterosexual relationships, in a nuclear or slightly extended family form. The chapter examines a central text in the work and family literature in addition to key Com­mon­wealth legal rules on work and care, and does so by drawing on empirical material on Indigenous caring arrangements and same sex families. The chapter seeks to show how engaging with Indigenous and queer caring arrangements strengthens the Australian scholar­ship, and the project of moving beyond the limitations of current work and care regimes.

(2005) Volume 23 No 1 Law in Context 65

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