Good Conduct Guide

Good Conduct Guide

Professional Standards for Australian Barristers

2nd edition

By Róisín Annesley


The second edition of the Good Conduct Guide has been fully updated to incorporate the significant changes in the regulation of practice as a barrister following commencement of the Legal Profession Uniform Law which came into effect on 1 July 2015. The scope of the guide has also been expanded to cover material integral to the good practice of all Australian barristers.

Authored by Ms Róisín Annesley QC, a practising member of the Victorian Bar, this is a guide for barristers by barristers. It is designed to supplement a barrister’s working knowledge of the Barristers’ Conduct Rules and the ethical principles of good practice so that any ethical issues that arise in the course of practice can be resolved swiftly.

The comprehensive, illustrative and engaging content ensures that the rules of conduct and ethics are more easily understood. This is an essential tool for all Australian barristers who must uphold the high ethical and professional standards required by the courts and the clients they serve.


Published 17 May 2019
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781760021962
Australian RRP $89.95
International Price $82.00