Family Violence in Australia

Family Violence in Australia

The Legal Response

By Renata Alexander


With national homicide figures revealing that almost 40% of all homicides in Australia occur within families, there is a significant need for this book. It serves as an invaluable and practical resource for anyone who comes into contact with victims of family violence. The book covers:

  • Family violence legislative schemes applicable in each State and Territory, including remedies, definitions, who can apply, criteria for obtaining orders, duration, variation, portability, breach, procedure and forms, and reviews and proposals for reform.
  • Criminal law and the criminal process, including police powers, criminal offences such as homicide, and sentencing.
  • Family law and procedures for protection under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth), including the relevance of family violence in parenting matters and financial and property matters.
  • The types, the causes, the risk factors and consequences of, and community attitudes to, family violence.
  • The specific legal resources and social services available to affected families plus a checklist of practical questions for those assisting a family violence victim.

While there are national campaigns and organisations working to combat family violence, the legal responses remain fragmented. This book highlights the need for a uniform response across all States and Territories.

“The pervasiveness of family violence in Australia makes this book one of the most valuable resources I have seen. It is a compendium about family violence in every sense of the word.” – The Honourable Diana Bryant AO QC (from the Foreword)


Published 20 September 2018
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781760021788
Australian RRP $49.95
International Price $45.00