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Guide to International Master Franchise Arrangements

Guide to International Master Franchise Arrangements

2nd edition


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A comprehensive examination of the whole life of this type of arrangement, from the negotiation and drafting of the master franchise agreement and other associated agreements to the end of the relationship.

The book deals primarily with the position of the parties directly involved, ie the franchisor and the sub-franchisor, but the position of others affected such as sub-franchisees, are covered where this is considered of particular importance.


Fundamental Concepts and Elements
Nature and Extent of Rights Granted and Relationship of the Parties
Term of the Agreement and Conditions of Renewal
Financial Matters
The Role of the Franchisor
The Role of the Sub-Franchisor
The Sub-Franchise Agreement
Advertising and the Control of Advertising
Supply of Equipment, Products and Services
Intellectual Property
Know-How and Trade Secrets
System Changes
Sale, Assignment and Transfer
Vicarious Liability, Indemnification and Insurance
Remedies for Non-Performance
The End of the Relatiionship and Its Consequences
Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution
Other Generally Used Clauses
Ancillary Documents
Regulatory Requirements

Annex 1: Franchising: General Notions
Annex 2: Franchising in the Economy
Annex 3: Legislation and Regulations relevant to Franchising

Analytical Index



Published 10 March 2008
Publisher Unidroit (Rome)
ISBN 9788886449168
Australian RRP $125.00
International Price $115.00
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Law - Commercial
Law - International
Law - Contract

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