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Faces of Hate

Faces of Hate

Hate crime in Australia

Edited by Chris Cunneen, David Fraser and Stephen Tomsen


This book offers the first collection of essays dedicated to the issue of hate crimes in Australia. Contributions address crimes against Aborigines, members of Australia’s Arabic communities, Jews and lesbians and gay men. Through a systemic approach to explaining social and political marginalisation, they also look at histories of racism and neo-Nazi organisations in Australia, and the widening base of support and legitimation for hate crimes in the ‘symbolic violence’ of popular contemporary discourse about minorities and an imagined homogeneous community of white, Christian and heterosexual Australians.


Introduction: defining the issues
Chris Cunneen, David Fraser, Stephen Tomsen
Immigration, nationalism and anti-Asian racism
Rob White
Antisemitic hostility
Irene Nemes
Violence against Arab Australians
David Fraser, Moha Melhem and Mirna Yacoub
Sexual identity and victimhood in gay-hate murder trials
Stephen Tomsen
Sexuality and violence: questions of difference
Gail Mason
Hysteria and hate: the vilification of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
Chris Cunneen
Memory, murder and justice: holocaust denial and the "scholarship" of hate
David Fraser
Australia’s racist far-Right
David Greason
The legal response: dealing with hatred - a user’s guide
Melinda Jones


Published September 1997
Publisher Hawkins Press
ISBN 9781876067052
Australian RRP $27.50
International Price $25.00
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Criminology & Policing - Crime and Crime Prevention
Human Rights & Civil Liberties
Gender & Sexuality
Secondary School Resources

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