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Children of Prisoners

Children of Prisoners

Edited by Anna Eriksson and Catherine Flynn


Children of Prisoners focuses on a much-overlooked criminological issue: children whose parents are incarcerated. The papers are drawn from a range of disciplines and comprise a combination of research findings and practice reflections, addressing complementary areas and topics including: care planning for children whose primary carers are incarcerated; research ethics around this invisible and vulnerable group; the role of schools in supporting children and families of prisoners; sentencing and human rights in Australia and the UK; Indigenous issues and responses; and children of imprisoned parents in Scandinavia, which provides a contrasting and informative perspective. Authors are drawn from Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland and Denmark.

This special issue will meet the needs of a wide readership, from academics and research students, to criminal justice practitioners and policy-makers, both within the Australian and the international market.

Children of Prisoners is a special issue (Volume 32) of the journal Law in Context. You can purchase a single copy of this issue through this page, or subscribe to the journal from the journal page.


Anna Eriksson and Catherine Flynn

Responding to Children When Their Parents are Incarcerated: Exploring the Responses in Victoria and New South Wales, Australia
Catherine Flynn, Tess Bartlett, Paula Fernandez Arias, Phillipa Evans and Alannah Burgess

The Visibility of Children Whose Mothers are Being Sentenced for Criminal Offences in the Courts of England and Wales
Shona Minson and Rachel Condry

Who Cares About the Children of Prisoners in New Zealand? A Journey from Research to Practice
Liz Gordon

‘You Can’t Be Much of Anything from Inside’: The Implications of Imprisoned Fathers’ Parental Involvement and Generative Opportunities for Children’s Wellbeing
Susan Dennison and Holly Smallbone

Out of the Shadows: Republican Criminology and the Children of Prisoners
Rebecca Wallis and Susan Dennison

Not Seen and Not Heard: Ethical Considerations of Research with Children of Prisoners
Vicky Saunders, Morag McArthur and Tim Moore

The Role of Schools in Supporting Families Affected by Imprisonment
Sarah Roberts and Nancy Loucks

Children of Imprisoned Parents in Scandinavia: Their Problems, Treatment and the Role of Scandinavian Penal Culture
Peter Scharff Smith


Published 20 March 2015
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862879959
Australian RRP $59.95
International Price $55.00
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Criminology & Policing - Penology & Sentencing
Criminology & Policing - Criminology
Human Rights & Civil Liberties

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