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Banking and Finance: Perspectives on Law and Regulation

Banking and Finance: Perspectives on Law and Regulation

Edited by Ann Wardrop


The majority of the articles in this book reflect impacts of the global financial crisis. These include the regulation of bank resolution regimes; the enforcement of rights by creditors under financial contracts; restructuring sovereign debt with Greece as a case study; and the EU regulation of credit rating agencies.

Other chapters have a strong regulatory theme with articles on the role of banks as regulators of their customers’ corporate compliance; on reform of the retail payments system; and on banks’ risk management processes. The concept of “security interest” under the PPSA is also analysed.

Banking and Finance: Perspectives on Law and Regulation is a special issue (Volume 30) of the journal Law in Context. You can purchase a single copy of this issue through this page, or subscribe to the journal from the journal page.


Ann Wardrop

Bank Groups and Financial Conglomerates, Retooling Resolution Regimes
Janis Sarra

The Collapse of Lehman Brothers and Derivative Disputes: The Relevance of Bankruptcy Cultures to Roles for Courts and Attitudes of Judges
Stacey Steele

Restructuring Responsibility for Greece’s Sovereign Debt: The Need for a Truth and Reconciliation Audit
Yvonne Wong

The European Regulation of Credit Rating Agencies
Nina Dietz Legind and Camilla Hørby Jensen

The Personal Property Security Interest: Identifying Some Essential Attributes
Sheelagh McCracken

Banks as Regulators of Corporate Governance: The Possibilities and Challenges
Vijaya Nagarajan

Co-regulation, Responsive Regulation and the Reform of Australia’s Retail Electronic Payment Systems
Ann Wardrop

Conservative Corporate Compliance: Reflections on a Study of Compliance Responses by South African Banks
Louis de Koker and John Symington


Published 7 April 2014
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862879645
Australian RRP $59.95
International Price $55.00
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