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Socio-legality: An Odyssey of Ideas and Context

Socio-legality: An Odyssey of Ideas and Context

Edited by Kerry Petersen


This volume of Law in Context celebrates the work of current and former La Trobe University scholars who have made significant contributions to the development of socio-legal studies, including:

  • Professor Christopher Arup on the relationship between business law and socio-legal studies;
  • Professor Paula Baron on socio-legality and conflict in law schools through the lens of psychoanalytical theory;
  • Dr Susanne Davies on socio-legal studies outwith and within a professional law school;
  • Dr Ian Duncanson on the historical dimension of socio-legal studies;
  • Dr Ian Freckelton SC on Health Law as a unique field of the socio-legal discourse;
  • Dr David Neal SC on a law-and-power case study involving La Trobe Law and the Fitzroy Legal Service; and
  • Professor Christopher Tomlins on the trajectory of legal history at La Trobe and in the wider world.

Socio-legality: An Odyssey of Ideas and Context is a special issue (Volume 29 No 2) of the journal Law in Context. You can purchase a single copy of this issue through this page, or subscribe to the journal from the journal page.


Foreword by Roger Douglas

Socio-legality and La Trobe University: Introducing and Celebrating a Broad Church of Ideas
      Kerry Petersen

Business Law: The Sometime Subject of Socio-legal Studies
      Christopher Arup

Borderlines: Socio-legality as the Abject
      Paula Baron

From Law to ‘Legal Consciousness’: A Socio-legal Pedagogical Expedition
      Susanne Davies

Socio-legal Studies in the Ages of Empire and Businessman Bottles: An Historical and Political Account
      Ian Duncanson

The Emergence and Evolution of Health Law
      Ian Freckelton SC

Law and Power – Livin’ in the ’70s
      David Neal

Law ‘And’, Law ‘In’, Law ‘As’: The Definition, Rejection and Recuperation of the Socio-legal Enterprise
      Christopher Tomlins


Published 16 October 2013
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862879430
Australian RRP $49.95
International Price $45.00
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