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Long Term Contracts

Long Term Contracts

Edited by Kanaga Dharmananda and Leon Firios


Australia's prosperous energy and resources sector is founded on long term contracts. Long term contracts give rise to a variety of difficult conceptual and practical issues that must be confronted by commercial lawyers and energy and resource professionals on a daily basis, ranging from negotiation and documentation through to interpretation and breach.

Questions as to the operation, nature, and effect of long term contracts will continue to assume central importance to Australia as a whole in circumstances where the Asian economies, particularly China, Japan, and India, are anxious for security of supply in relation to commodities.
This book confronts some of the major issues under long term contracts from both legal and practical perspectives.


Notes on Contributors
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes


Commercial Considerations
     Kanaga Dharmananda SC and Leon Firios
Commercial Perspectives on Long Term Contracting
     Selwyn D’Souza
Japanese Perspectives on Long Term Contracts
     Rupert Lewi
Chinese Perspectives on Long Term Contracts
     Chris Lockwood

     Kanaga Dharmananda SC and Leon Firios
Paying Up: Price Adjustment
     Michelle Cole and Sharon Wilson
Getting Out: Termination
     Barry Irwin
Practical Guidelines for the Drafting of Long Term Contracts
     John Kelly

Duties and Liabilities
     Kanaga Dharmananda SC and Leon Firios
Long Term Contracts: Principles for Determining Content
     The Hon Justice Carmel McLure
Fiduciary and Good Faith Obligations under Long Term Contracts
     Paul Finn
Commentary on Duties and Liabilities
     Gavin Ryan

State Agreements
     Kanaga Dharmananda SC and Leon Firios
Parliamentary-ratified Agreements in the Resources Sector
     John Southalan

Frustration & Force Majeure
     Kanaga Dharmananda SC and Leon Firios
The Law of Force Majeure and the Planning of Long Term Contracts
     Professor David Campbell
Commentary on the Law of Frustration and Force Majeure
     Anthony Patten

Competition Law
     Kanaga Dharmananda SC and Leon Firios
Competition Law Aspects of Long Term Contracts
     Francis Douglas QC
Reflections on Competition Law Issues
     Colin Lockhart

     Kanaga Dharmananda SC and Leon Firios
Damages for Breach of Long Term Contracts
     Brahma Dharmananda SC
The Design of Contract Damages
     Professor George Triantis
A Financial Perspective on Proving Damages
     Owain Stone

Dispute Resolution and Enforcement
     Kanaga Dharmananda SC and Leon Firios
Perspectives on Choice of Law, Enforcement, Investment Treaties and Arbitration Clauses
     Lucy Reed
The Arbitration of Disputes under Long Term Contracts
     Stephen Boyle
Practical Perspectives on Dispute Resolution and Enforcement
     Mark Darian-Smith

Conclusion: The History and Destiny of Long Term Contracts
     The Hon Chief Justice Wayne Martin AC

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Notes on Contributors


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Published 7 August 2013
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862879157
Australian RRP $225.00
International Price $199.95
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