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Safety, Security, Health and Environment Law

Safety, Security, Health and Environment Law

2nd edition

By Michael Tooma


* 3rd EDITION FORTHCOMING EARLY 2019 - ISBN: 9781862879768 / rrp $135.00


Michael Tooma’s ground‑breaking book provides an integrated approach to the law and practice of workplace health, safety, security and environment management. Tooma identifies a common grounding in risk management and similar legislative treatment of regulation in these areas across State and federal jurisdictions.

It includes the following content:

  • Discussion of the Model OHS Laws
  • Discussion of the international context to OHS laws and comparative analysis of OHS law in selected jurisdictions including the USA, UK, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand
  • Nanotechnology
  • Case studies including the Texas BP Refinery explosion, the Waterfall train disaster, the Cross City Tunnel fatality and a discussion of the High Court’s Kirk decision.


Introduction to Safety, Security, Health and Environment (SSHE)
Overview of Occupational Health and Safety Law
Overview of Occupational Security Law
General Safety, Security, Health and Environmental Duties
Personal Liability for Safety, Security, Health and Environmental Offences 
Safety, Security, Health and Environmental Management Systems, Performance Measurement and Evaluation
Rethinking Safety, Security, Health and Environment Management and Enforcement

Stop Press: NSW Introduces Model Laws Bills


Reviews of previous edition:
...anyone who is interested in risk management, environment risk or health care can benefit from the analysis and the book is recommended as an example of a new integrated approach to risk.

In-Spire Journal of Law, Politics and Societies, Vol 4, No 1 - 2009

What follows in the book, however, is the development of both a scholarly and practical framework for management of health, safety, security and environmental risks in an occupational setting.
Practitioners, both of the law and of safety science, will discover that the text, methodically, explores the myriad of legislation which governs these areas of practice. In addition, the author undertakes a wide-ranging examination of the principal case law dealing with that legislation.
...chapter 5 of the book should be mandatory reading
...the text represents a valuable resource for students, academics and practitioners with an interest in the law of safety, security , health and environmental in an occupational context.

Hearsay, Issue 30: October 2008, The Journal of the Bar Association of Queensland

This book challenges the standing approach to occupational health and safety.
Each chapter contains extensive references to relevant legislation, with case summaries extracted to illustrate principles along with discussion of relevant literature and expert commentary.

NSW Law Society Journal, July 2008

This book, published in early 2008, offers an interesting outline and analysis of three areas of law as they relate to business undertakings: namely, occupational health and safety, security, and environmental law.
The book usefuly provides a clear and succinct outline of the main statutory obligations of businesses, as well as the obligations of directors and managers, in these three areas of law; these are well supplemented by reference to case law. The book has an excellent chapter on management systems, performance management and evaluation, which I would recommend to any practitioner ...

Chris Molnar, Law Institute Journal of Victoria, November 2008

This book gives a comprehensive analysis of current occupational security law in a variety of industries and analyses associated duties, personal liability and risk management systems.
Michael comes with impressive credentials which include being partner in charge of National Safety, Security, Health and Environment practice at Deacons.
...written in a relaxed style which not only makes it informative but enjoyable to read. The book will be of particular interest to practitioners working in OHS and PI law. At under $100, the book will make a good acquisitiion to the office library.

Law Society of Western Australia, Brief

Anyone who works with OHS in Australia will benefit from reading this book as it shows some of the differences in the legeisaltion across the States.

Safeguard, November/December 2008


Published 27 May 2011
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862877955
Australian RRP $125.00
International Price $115.00
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