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Crime in Rural Australia

Crime in Rural Australia

Edited by Elaine Barclay, Joseph F Donnermeyer, John Scott and Russell Hogg

Contemporary rural crime is more varied and sophisticated than it once was. The new forms range from agricultural crimes, such as the theft of water designated for agricultural production, to environmental crimes such as the illegal dumping of waste. They take place side by side with “traditional” rural crimes such as cattle duffing while “urban” crimes such as drug and alcohol abuse and violent assaults are also prevalent, and on the rise.

Crime in Rural Australia covers them all. It brings together leading academics who examine the major dimensions of crime and justice in rural and regional Australia including:

  • the extent of rural crime
  • farm crime
  • violence
  • juvenile crime
  • policing
  • Indigenous crime and justice
  • crime prevention
  • drugs
  • fear of crime, and
  • sentencing and punishment.

It includes vignettes on rural policing and the stock squad from the perspectives of the NSW police.

An ideal text for rural crime and criminology courses, Crime in Rural Australia will also be of interest to criminal justice practitioners, policy-makers, and criminology scholars.

Three of the editors, Dr Elaine Barclay, Dr John Scott and Associate Professor Russell Hogg, are associated with the Centre for Rural Crime at the University of New England. Professor Joseph F. Donnermeyer is the International Research Co-ordinator for the Rural Crime Centre and is a leading US scholar on rural crime at Ohio State University.


David E Gray
John Scott, Russell Hogg, Elaine Barclay and Joseph F. Donnermeyer

Part 1: Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives on Rural Crime

Locating Rural Crime: The Role of Theory
Joseph F Donnermeyer
Crime in Rural and Regional Areas
Kerry Carrington
Community and Crime in Rural Australia
Elaine Barclay and Joseph F Donnermeyer

Part 2: Issues In Rural Criminology

Farm Victimisation: The Quintessential Rural Crime
Elaine Barclay and Joseph F Donnermeyer
The Stock Squad
Bron Steele and Michael Burns
Alcohol and Drug Problems in Rural and Regional Australia
Melissa Bull
Youth Programs
Bernie Shakeshaft
Violence and the Architecture of Rural Life
Kerry Carrington
Young People and Crime in Rural Communities
Elaine Barclay, Russell Hogg and John Scott

Part 3: Policy and the Administration of Justice

Fear, Law and Order and Politics: Tales of Two Rural Towns
Murray Lee
Policing in Rural Australia: The Country Cop as Law Enforcer and Local Resident
John Scott and Patrick C Jobes
Rural Policing
Steve Bradshaw
Crime, Justice and Indigenous People
Chris Cunneen
Crime Prevention and Rural Communities
Melissa Bull
Punishment and the Courts in Rural Communities
Russell Hogg
A View from the Bench
David Heilpern

References / Index


Overall, Crime in Rural Australia is an important addition to the literature. It is an immensely readable and succinct insight into a topic that often gains limited attention in urban communities and in the study of criminal law practice and criminology generally. The topic offers a fertile ground for further study.

Alternative Law Journal ,Vol 32(3), September 2007


Richard Torbay's Launch Speech

Notes from Richard Torbay's speech given at the launch of this book on 26th April 2007.


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Published 22 March 2007
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862876354
Australian RRP $49.95
International Price $45.00
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Criminology & Policing - Crime and Crime Prevention
Social Studies
Indigenous Studies
Criminology & Policing - Police Studies

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